Horses Are The Main Spirit of Our Business

Our horses are locally bred. They are mix of thoroughbreds, crossed with Arabs, Akhal-teke and local horses. They are grown up in a countryside and are well adapted  to Georgian ridding environment.
They are generally between 14.2 and 16 hh, are responsive and forward going but also adaptable and well suited to the terrain. Russian military saddles are used and tack is quite basic as little is readily available in Georgia. Saddle bags are provided and there are seat savers available for those who wish. The horses are mostly ridden in snaffle bits.
Love for horses for 35 years pushed us to set up this business. Desire to have horses and ability to ride brought up the ideas to offer services to other people to generate income to bred them and to grow them up. Riding in the countryside brought us a desire to share with other beautiful environment and rich history of Georgia.


Riding Experience & Riding

The rides are aimed at reasonably experienced, confident riders. To join us you must feel relaxed, comfortable and secure in the saddle on a fairly spirited horse at a walk, trot and fast canter. You should also be used to riding for reasonably long hours, outside in an open environment. The horses are sensible, but they have a generally lively and sensitive temperament, so they suit confident, relaxed and sensitive riders. They are used to being ridden with a light contact with the mouth and light use of the leg. As with all our rides, you will enjoy your trip much more if you are fairly fit - both riding fit and with a reasonably good level of general fitness as there will be some short walking some days. If you do not ride regularly at home, we recommend some concentrated training in the months before you go to get used to the hours you will spend in the saddle.
The 10 night trips include 8 days riding and there is generally between 5 and 7 hours in the saddle each day, with breaks to rest and for lunch, although riding time does vary, particularly as the routes are fairly new and little used. Luggage and camping equipment is transported for you by back up vehicle. Groups are limited to a maximum of 8 guests and rides.



The rides are at a moderate  pace overall, with some good  opportunities for a faster  pace when the terrain allows.  The route takes you through forests, up some quite steep  mountain tracks, across open meadows and agricultural   land. There are usually plenty of chances for trots and canters each day,   moving on at a good rate where possible. There is also  a little roadwork (some on tar roads) in the vicinity of the  villages you pass through.  Roads however are generally very quiet with little motorised  traffic.                                                                                     





The area you ride through is very unspoilt and is hardly visited by tourists. Much of the riding is through forest and up and down mountains and there are one or two places where riders need to dismount to walk over rough ground - a good chance to stretch your legs! However overall the area is excellent for riding; there is plenty of space, varied scenery and, particularly once you have made the effort of climbing through the forest, many wonderful views. In May, June and July the wild flowers are spectacular and there is always also much to see of cultural interest including remote monasteries, churches hidden in wooded valleys, ancient ruins, mountain villages and summer shepherd camps on the high pastures.



Basic clothes to be prepared for weather changes During the ride