Caucasian Adventures


Caucasian Adventures is operating in Georgia since 2003 and is mainly focused on professional high pace horseback tours. Our rides offer you opportunity to enjoy spectacular nature, versatile landscape and amazing historical sites. You can feel the spirit of Georgian culture and become part of countrys traditions.
Immense pleasure received by riding through the mountain meadows and river gorges will be combined with testing your riding skills. We offer diverse pace rides: you will trot, canter and gallop along the forest paths and across the open fields.
About Georgia
Bordered by the Great Caucasus Range, The Black Sea, Russia and Turkey, Georgia's countryside is as unspoilt and beautiful as its history is fascinating and colourful. Alpine meadows, ancient forests and magical, abandoned monasteries overgrown with wild flowers are only accessible by horse or on foot.
Georgia is the land of the Golden Fleece, a crossroads between east and west invaded throughout history by races such as the Greeks, the Romans, the Turks, the Mongols and the Russians. A blend of cultures, it also boasts many remarkable archaeological sites that are seldom visited by foreign tourists. Starting with the night in the capital Tbilisi, these rides follow a circular route to the south west, taking you deep into the hills, through high pasture, past summer encampments of shepherds and small rural villages. They are for those with a sense of adventure who are prepared to forgo many everyday luxuries, but a visit to this enthralling country is a must for anyone who enjoys exploring off the beaten track.