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"The holiday was lovely – Levan and his two guides were extremely helpful and tried to accommodate everyone as best they could. Lovely holiday, lovely people. Lovely hospitality (Levans new cook provided excellent food). I would be very happy to recommend this holiday to anyone – they do need to have a sense of adventure though"
CH (Essex)

"We had a wonderful time – the support team were terrific, the routes and venues amazing. The last accommodation needs better washing facilities…. all in all the trip met, even exceeded, my expectations. Thank you for a great time – we hope to do another route in Georgia, such a beautiful country. No fences!"
H & FC (Surrey)

What a great ride! The team in Georgia were lovely people so it felt like I was being met and showed around by friends rather than hosts or reps! The terrain and weather conditions certainly made the riding a challenge at times but this made it all the more of an adventure. I wouldnt hesitate to recommend this ride – although having done it I wouldnt say it was for novices..."
NM (Perthshire)

The ride was a great adventure and the riding was really good and exciting. The guide did not usually say when the pace was going to change or if we had to jump. I was fine with this but others may be a bit concerned by suddenly jumping large ditches or setting off at a gallop. A holiday to be recommended. The people in Georgia are very hospitable and the countryside and views wonderful.  
CB (Sussex) 27/8/10

"It was a fantastic ride, an amazing experience and adventure. We all knew there would be teething problems as it was their first trip and they took aboard our comments. A lovely group of people and horses. They went out of their way to look after us in Tbilisi"
LP (Sussex)

Nigel (Ride World Wide) thank you for recommending Georgia, a wonderful country, great food and hospitality. Levan and Ina were fantastic hosts; the horses were amazing carrying us over all sorts of terrain, sometimes at speed, all polite and genuine. Best to keep an open mind on the daily schedule - an exciting ride and great experience. 
PC (Sussex) 27/8/10